Month: April 2016

Virtual Reality in Your Living Room: A Glimpse into the Future of Video Games

Video games are a constantly evolving medium, growing and changing in response to the technological advancements around us. Through such innovation and the ambitious vision of industry pioneers, a number of developers are actively redefining the landscape of gaming, expanding the boundaries of what video games are and what they could be. A couch and a controller may be gamers’ primary instruments now, but the tools of the trade may soon get a futuristic upgrade with the inclusion of virtual reality headsets.

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Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove Sacred Grove Released!

Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, Sacred Grove, the 11th installment in the Mystery Case Files series, is available today for PC and Mac, and releasing on Thursday, November 27th on smartphones and tablets.  The Mystery Case Files  series is Big Fish’s most popular hidden object adventure game franchise, with over 53 million downloads across all platforms. Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, Sacred Grove was developed in partnership with third-party game developer Elephant Games.

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SNES Classic Edition Buyer’s Guide Tips

Nintendo just announced its follow-up to last year’s mini NES, the SNES Classic Edition. Nintendo’s newest retro console comes fully loaded with 21 games, two wired retro controllers, and enough nostalgia to transport you straight to 1991. But if previous product shortages are any indication, getting your hands on one may very well be a challenge.

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