Month: June 2016

Exploring Mafia Wars 2: Initial Observations

Zynga’s notification on the release of Mafia Wars 2 arrived in my inbox yesterday. I right away thought that it meant at least a few hours of my time “productively” spent doing research for this post. Unfortunately, less than an hour into the game and I found myself quitting, even way before I spent all of my allotted energy.

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Casual Game In Focus: Top Chef

Cooking games have become popular in the past year but many of them tend to be similar to each other. I personally don’t mind this as long as the games are fun. A newcomer to the world of cooking games seems to be catching on like wildfire. I am sure that you know all about Top Chef, the reality TV show. Now there is a game version, which is touted by Gamezebo as one of the best cooking games:

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