Month: March 2016

Can a Video Game Make Better Athletes?

Athletes who want to improve their performance may want to spend more time sitting in front of computers instead of only hitting the gym. IntelliGym – a software platform made by Applied Cognitive Engineering that got its start training Air Force pilots – has branched out to give hockey, basketball and soccer players a new way to train without taxing their bodies.

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The Top Five Best Google Play Games

Google has announced the best games of 2017, and we’re proud to say Cooking Craze has made the list.

The Best Games of 2016 list is broken up into seven main categories: Most competitive, Most Social, Best Indie, Most Innovative, Best to Pick Up & Play, Best for Kids, and Most Popular. Among those categories, one big winner was chosen. While the best-game trophy went to Cats: Crash Arena Turbo Stars, Cooking Craze owned the Best to Pick Up & Play category.

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Japanese Video Games That Made a Name in the World

Everybody has played at least one game in their life. Card games, video games, sports, board games, and so much more. Games have been a constant presence in our lives, whether we actively play them or not. Some only played them during their childhood, while some continued to enjoy the entertainment games provide us to adulthood. Some are just casual players, while some do it for a living. Some are casual fans while some have a passion for it – like otakus.

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