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A Quick Review to AFK Arena

AFK Arena by Lilith Games is an Idle/RPG adventure game for both iOS and Android that is considered a very well game designed to unleash maximum addictiveness!

The game is about a story in the world of Esperia, where the battle between good and evil never stops. You need to assemble a team of five to protect people from extinction by Hypogeans. In your game progress, you will unlock stronger heroes and better equipment.

Like most of the popular puzzle game, this game is about level-based progression. And when the time is right, you will activate special charge attacks in battles.

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AFK is a very fun and simple game, and the special thing about this game is you can become stronger even when you are not in/play the game. Because the game allows you to collect resources, heroes experience, and gears when you are offline. This makes the game is more enjoyable for casual players, you don’t have to spend much time on this game. And if you are stuck at a certain level, you can try again later with better gear, more powerful heroes. The most important part is that this game is not entirely “pay to win” cause of its idle mechanic and fit with people that don’t have much free time but still want to find something fun to relax. Besides that, this game have a unique drawing style, like an ancient mythic style. Along with that, the voices are voiced in accordance with the character, like enchanting female voice and resounding male voice. This is much better than required compared to all general puzzle game right now.

The game have many activities besides the main quest like fighting King’s Tower, Challenge Dura, discover Arcane Labyrinth with random steps.

Tired of gacha games because of its time consuming and its “pay to wind” system? You should try AFK Arena, a perfect combination of Idle and RPG and it is totally against all gacha games downsides.

AFK Arena Features

  1.  AFK Arena is about building a team with a mix of five different fantasy heroes and send them into battle.
  2. You can summon those heroes through traditional gacha mechanics like in Fire Emblem Heroes, but the fights are very simple. You only need to send them to battle, activate their skills when they have enough mana (or just let them auto-activate if you want to enjoy the fight J )
  3. Like the game title, you can go AFK in this game. Resources and heroes experience can be gained passively for a limited time, and all you have to do is click the golden chest to collect loot. Make us easier to keep up with other people if you have lack of time. These are why AFK Arena is so much better than other traditional gacha games. You don’t need to spend too much time on events and lengthy daily quests to grind your character. You only need like 20 minutes a day in-game to do some daily quests, go take down bosses with your guild and advance in the arcane labyrinth. Or just simply do a quick log in to collect loot if you don’t have much time.
  4. This game also have a stunning graphic (feel like reading an ancient storybook), characters are very well designed. Each of them has their own story-line, from a bounty hunter, warrior, a killing machine to a righteous hero. The skill in AFK Arena is quite beautiful, and every battle animations feel like Lilith want us to sit back and enjoy the fight, while the game is playing itself.

After all, AFK Arena is a really fun game, the gameplay is simple, yet entertaining graphics and definitely worth a try if you are wondering.


AFK (Away from Keyboard) Arena is an Idle game, which was developed by Lilith Games, who also famous for Rise of Kingdoms, Soul Hunters, Art of Conquest, Dank Tanks and many others.

As any other Idle games, this game doesn’t require you to play much. You can still make progress in the game even when you not in the game, you only need to login once a day for about 30 minutes or less to do some daily missions, level up your team and go into battles. Heroes experience can be gained passively so not to worry if you don’t have time to log in. Although it is an Idle game, there are so many interesting things to do like participate in guild hunts, climb ranks in PvP or challenge yourself in the arcane labyrinth. One more thing that this game’s artwork is amazing with the cartoony style, which is a huge step away from other similar games.

AFK Arena reviews are mostly positive and consider one of the best idle games. This game does not require grinding much or usual “pay to win” system as many games out there. It also offers lots of good content and incredible graphic. 

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