Brick-Force: An Inventive Game for the Builders and Shooters

May 5, 2016 Reviews

Brick-Force: An Inventive Game for the Builders and Shooters

If you love Minecraft or like how it encourages players to get creative in the building aspect, you’ll surely like this new game called Brick-Force.

Published by Infernum Productions based in Berlin, Germany, this game is a first-person shooter type that lets you create the world and maps you’ve always dreamed of. And the best part is it’s free to play in your web browser. It can be played on either the PC or Mac.

Brick-Force features a map editor. It allows players to construct simple and more advanced maps using the voxels. These voxels are the big square bricks also used in Minecraft.

To design the landscape, players can use regular blocks and bricks made of fire and ice as well as turrets and detonation targets. The first update of this game was done in 2012 during which certain features such as zero gravity were added.

Several game modes are also available. Apart from the traditional deathmatch (solo and team) and capture the flag modes, there’s a build and destroy mode that requires players to build half the map with their respective team in only five minutes. A firefight then ensues once you reach the time limit allowing you to play across the maps you’ve built. The defusion is another game mode.

The build mode is the creative part that lets player construct their environments using different types of bricks. These bricks can be infused with bomb sites, launch pads and turrets.

Winning a match or building maps lets a player earn in-game currency. This can be used to change your plain brick character’s look into whatever it is you like.

So far, some 1.5 million unique players have tried Brick-Force since it was released last year.