Cosplayer Asked to Play Her Favorite Game Character

May 14, 2016 Reviews

Cosplayer Asked to Play Her Favorite Game Character

It’s true that a person’s dedication to what he or she loves to do can really pay off in the end. When you do something out of passion, sometimes the rewards come unexpectedly.

Just take the case of this Russian cosplayer named Anna Moleva who resembles closely Elizabeth, the female character in the game Bioshock Infinite. Although Anna has played several characters already, it is the character Elizabeth that’s very similar to her physical appearance and which has become her favorite. In fact, she has been reported to be in her Elizabeth costume oftentimes.

And not only did Anna Moleva observed this close resemblance because even the creators of Bioshock Infinite led by creative director Ken Levine also agreed. They were actually so amazed by the Russian youngster’s dedication and similarity to Elizabeth that they communicated with her to ask if she’d be interested to portray the video game character in their box and upcoming TV advertisement.

Anna Moleva claims to be a big fan of the first two Bioshock games and has been closely following Infinite’s promotion campaigns. She said it was observing the close resemblance between herself and the
character of Elizabeth that she decided to focus on this new character despite the fact that she still has very little knowledge about her.

Other video game characters that Anna has portrayed are Poison Ivy from Batman:Arkham City, Alice from Alice: Madness Returns and Mass Effect 3.

BioShock Infinite is the third versieon of the Bioshock series and is set to be released in February next year. It stars Booker DeWitt as a former detective who was hired to save Elizabeth from Columbia, an American floating city as a way to make up for his past debts. The original Bioshock was considered to be one of the best games a decade ago but had a different setting which was underwater. The second version, unfortunately, was not a hit.