Drugs for erectile dysfunction by route of administration

Jun 4, 2021 Blog

Drugs for erectile dysfunction by route of administration

The active ingredient can be delivered to the body not only by the usual “pill” method. There are more sophisticated options, each of which has its own advantages. Oral medications you can buy at https://svensktapotek.net/kopa-viagra-soft/. With them everything is simple, put the pill in your mouth and drink water, you do not need to be a genius to cope.

The intraurethral method is when the medication is injected directly into the urethra. Due to the fact that the medication goes straight into the right area, the effect is brighter and more pronounced, an improvement in erection comes faster, in about 10 minutes. Plus, unlike pills and capsules, local remedies can be injected at any time. For example, it won’t matter at all what you just ate. The side effects are so-so – discomfort in the urethra, pain, a burning sensation. Rectal “candles” are less common. They are instantly absorbed and do not really hit the body, but the sensation is not pleasant. The discomfort lasts about 30 minutes, if you have sex during this time, the sensations will be ambiguous.

Intraurethral drugs, or rather, their introduction – it hurts, but not too much. Even more painful is the intracavernosal injection. These are potency regulators that are injected directly into the penis. You can breathe easy, these days barbaric methods are hardly used – oral medications are just as effective.

Non medical Treatment

Non medical methods include massage, shockwave therapy, exercise therapy. If the pills, shots and folk remedies for impotence – this is not for you, you can turn to alternative therapies. For example, homeopathy – it seems and has a relationship with medication, but very mediocre. Specialists in the field recommend, for example, Selenium and Sulfur for therapy, but the exact directions even in homeopathy are chosen individually. Doctors often prescribe physical therapy. Such methods will help, provided that the prescription “hits the target”. That is, it will act precisely on the causes of impotence. To make it happen, you need a cool doctor who knows his business very well.

By the way, homeopathy, physiotherapy and dietary supplements can help in another case – if the disease arose because of the peculiarities of psychology, and the remedy chosen worked as a placebo. If you are looking for more effective remedies, visit https://svensktapotek.net/.

Regardless of what you have signs of impotence, treatment with massage will be useful. Prostate massage is unpleasant for most men, but a very effective method. It improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, feeding them with important elements and oxygen. The prostate gland because of these produces more secret, and potency improves. By the way, you should not be so afraid of this procedure, prostate massage will bring new heights of pleasure, as the man feels the strongest orgasm from it. Involve your woman in the process itself, let her watch video lessons online, her skills will please you, not only strengthening health, but also delivering pleasure.