Game design and creativity in game development

Apr 27, 2021 Blog

Game design and creativity in game development

The game industry is big and very, very rich. The volume of the world market is about $130 billion. You can explore the field of 2d game art for sale and other areas using certain specialized sites. This will help you find the best options on today’s market and create a game that will please your target audience.

There are two principally different approaches to making games: the way of big companies with big teams of specialists working on many projects, and the way of indie teams where every participant can play many roles. The specialists of the development team can be divided into three categories: “technicians” (programmers, web developers, system administrators, etc.), artists (specialists responsible for the visual component of the game) and ideologists (game designers and producers). Indie teams just may consist of only three people, who outsource much of the work inexpensively.

Game Ideologist

Many people think it’s the game designers who come up with and make the games, but that’s not true. The ideologist of a game is the producer. The main tasks of the producer: to provide everything necessary to create a game, to attract resources (money, people, time), to have a clear vision and plan to achieve the goals, to bring the project to release and commercial success. It is the producer who makes all the key decisions about the game, but is fully responsible for the result and the quality of the project. And he almost always participates in interviews with potential employees. But making money is not the only goal of game creators, there are many others, no less important: to gain an audience, to promote the brand, to teach something (educational games), to achieve creative realization.

Game Designer

A game designer is a person who does everything at once. It is a rare specialist who needs to have experience and knowledge in almost all areas, but a professional in each of them can not be. A game designer implements the producer’s vision, writes and updates the documentation, calculates the characteristics, balance and economics of the game, participates in developing the story, narrative, develops TOR for other specialists, controls the execution of these tasks, configures the product, creates the tools, participates in the work on the level design, conducts testing.

Putting data into the game, adjusting various parameters and other basic work is where most game designers start. Some of them gradually improve their skills and learn how to program, which increases the efficiency of working with data. But most then switch to other areas of game design. It is considered good form to add simple diagrams and charts to your documentation, which briefly and succinctly show what your game is about. This also helps the team work on the game and allows you to quickly bring new employees up to speed at any stage of development.

If you have an idea for a game, but have no experience and don’t know how to assemble an experienced team, then game art services is the perfect solution. This way you can get specialists involved and create a potentially interesting game in the shortest possible time.