How the number of Instagram followers affects the development of the account

Jan 24, 2021 Blog

How the number of Instagram followers affects the development of the account

One of the goals of attracting followers to instagram is to bring your account to the top. By raising the ranking of his page, its owner attracts potential advertisers.

The ranking of the profile is influenced by:

  1. The dynamics of activity on the page. Thanks to an increase in followers, interest in your posts will increase, they will be commented on and liked more often.
  2. Recommendations. The more followers you have, the more often it will be displayed in recommendations.
  3. Hashtags. All ranking systems are based on them.
  4. The number of retention. If you have a large number of active subscribers the number of saved posts will only increase.
  5. Geolocation. Mark places on photos to attract those users who click on tags.
  6. Increasing the number of followers will have a positive impact on the ranking of your profile, which will attract the target audience and find advertisers.

Development on Instagram

Instead of immediately buying subscribers to instagram on the service, many users try to promote the account themselves. It is worth warning right away about the peculiarities of free promotion.

  1. Self-promotion requires being online all the time and having free time. You will need to choose posts for your own purposes, leave comments under them, add yourself as a friend to new people. If necessary, you can buy comments on instagram for photos, videos and album photo posts. You will have to put viral hashtags under your photos to attract the attention of users.
  2. Completing tasks for virtual currency takes a lot of effort and brings a minimum of new followers. In addition, the accumulated points can only be spent on a small number of likes.
  3. Using special programs to automatically increase followers may result in the banning of an account, because such applications often send spam.

One of the main disadvantages of self-promotion in Instagram is the long wait for results. In this case, you have to constantly monitor the profiles of third-party users. However, even with a constant online presence, no one will guarantee an increase in followers.

The time that many Instagram users spend on self-promotion would be more useful for creating quality content and running contests. If you choose the paid method of buying followers, you get a guarantee of adding new followers, saving time and money. Thanks to the responsible and prompt work of the company, your Instagram profile will quickly reach the top of the social network search and will attract new active users.

Types of followers to buy

To determine which service to choose, we recommend to get acquainted with the types of users you can attract to your profile.

  • Bots. The cheapest accounts belong to this category. They are added from the base of social network profiles. You can also find the service of promotion in Instagram, through the recruitment of subscribers with the help of advertising, with a minimum number of charges and a guarantee of recovery.
  • Offers. These users are attracted from various exchanges, where people perform various tasks to be later exchanged for bonuses. The disadvantage of this group of users is the lack of control over targeting (choosing the target audience). However, the offers can get interested in your profile, like your posts and attract friends.
  • Active. These users are added from stories and contest photos, so their activity is as similar as possible to natural.

Professional services take all necessary measures to protect your profile from being banned, so you do not have to control the process of adding followers. So you can get permanent instagram followers on favorable terms.