Skylanders: Giants Expected to be a Big Hit

May 22, 2016 Reviews

Skylanders: Giants Expected to be a Big Hit

There’s a new game foreseen to be a big hit among kids and adults this year. Skylanders: Giants is Activision’s game series that has become among the top 10 best-selling brands for kids in the U.S. today. It is also expected to be a hot item this Christmas season.

This new game released just recently features new character figures and a line of Giant Skylanders. According to Activision’s CEO, the story of the game is what attracts kids to play it particularly as they have a role in the story as the portal master.

Experts in the gaming field agree that Skylanders is more than just a video game. The game mainly relies on the Portal of Power which is a docking system that connects to a video game console. The goal here is to “port” Skylanders figurines into the game. Players should make sure that the figurine touches the Portal of Power so they can run amuck or shoot fireballs with Spyro.

In 2011, the starter pack came with three figurines for all platforms and 29 more characters were added for the duration of the year. Owing to its huge success as evident in the Q2 earnings of Activision, Skylanders was considered the best-selling console and handheld game.

The new series, Skylanders: Giants, features various colorful and exotic levels allowing players to pick up treasure for more power and collecting artifacts in different zones. Players can also switch to another character while they’re moving through different levels. A giant is also present in each of the eight classes in the game and it is more powerful than the regular-sized characters.

This game is ideal for kids but adults can play it as well. The first few levels may be easy but they get tougher in the later levels.