Walking Dead: A New Day

May 25, 2016 Reviews

Walking Dead: A New Day

Zombies are plentiful in the gaming world, but it is not surprising that Telltale Game’s newest zombie title “The Walking Dead: A New Day” is already getting much praise. After all the game is based on the critically acclaimed comic book series, The Walking Dead, written by Robert Kirkman.

Even those not familiar with the comic book series will also probably be familiar with the uniqueness of the approach to zombies in the Walking Dead thanks to the TV series, based on the same thing.

What’s really great about the game is that it stays true to the comic book series not only with its striking art style, albeit the game uses color to its advantage in favor of the black and white used in the comic books, but more importantly with the emphasis placed on the emotional experience not present in most zombie stories. Hardcore gamers who are not fans of The Walking Dead will perhaps find this as a minus, since the game is not as challenging as other titles out there, but anyone looking for a more compelling story in a game will definitely find having to choose between surviving or giving up a friend to become zombie chow a major plus.

If you’re expecting to play Rick Grimes in this game though, you’ll be disappointed because the main (and only) character you can play for this game installment (there are supposedly 4 more game episodes to follow) is Lee Everett, a convicted felon. Still, the game’s story is as compelling as the comic book’s. So if you’re looking for an interesting newly released title, The Walking Dead is definitely worth a try.